Access Control - Office and Retail

Access control and authorised access has come a long way from using keys, pin codes, cards, and fingerprints. Ottica AI uses computer vision and facial recognition to identify employed by their company or a paying member whom are authorised to gain access to a building or event. 


The use of face recognition in access control has been an inevitable trend, which creates advantageous “touch-free” experience. Ottica AI uses advanced deep learning technology and practical functions, for better security and improved efficiency to access control and time attendance tracking, making them easier than ever.


Ottica AI has developed anti-spoofing technology to determine the difference between a real face and a two dimensional image. With advanced machine learning techniques we can prevent unauthorised access to privileged areas. 


We can easily integrate Ottica AI into any access control system to automate doors, booths or gates. We can target key areas of interest, for example if a person is wearing a mask and flag them as allowed or not with a simple keystroke.