Customer Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Customer Loyalty Programs are a customer-retention program in which businesses offer rewards or discounts to customers that shop frequently. Loyalty, or Rewards Programs are an effective way to increase both revenue and build business-customer relations. 

There are a range of Loyalty Programs offered by businesses including points-based programs, tiered loyalty programs and other VIP benefits. These rewards programs are all intended to create a specific consumer-based shopping experience, allowing for the customer’s experience to be tailored to their needs and wants. This makes customer experience more efficient and rewarding, and increases the likelihood of sales.

Ottica AI has Facial Recognition technology that can be used to increase the efficiency of Customer Loyalty Programs – for both businesses and the consumer. The recognition of registered customers would allow for businesses to track the frequency of customer visits as well as the likely items purchased – assisting in ensuring stock levels will match customer demand.

Customers can be assured they will receive their rewards without having to manually check-in, or show proof of visit. Ottica AI can assist in tailoring their loyalty program to the customer’s specific needs, and deliver unique offers and benefits at the check-out.