Self-Exclusion for Problem Gambling

Self-exclusion is a voluntary program which allows individuals to ban themselves from gambling venues – both online and in person. The program assists individuals that struggle with gambling addiction by restricting their access to all avenues of gambling. Ottica AI is committed in helping and assisting people overcome their addiction with preventative measures, notifying staff instantly while entering a gaming venue. 

The program acts as a preventative measure for those struggling to control their gambling expenditure and is designed to eliminate the harm of gambling before they can even enter the venue. Self-exclusionary practices are encouraged to be used in conjunction with counselling services – also available through Gambling venues themselves or medical providers.

Self-exclusion is often the first step in addressing struggles with gambling and places primary responsibility on the individual to uphold this self-exclusion agreement. However, the venues retain the responsibility of assisting in denying entry to the venue which is made efficient and seamless through use of facial recognition technology. Gambling venues have a growing pressure to uphold self-exclusion agreements to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the community – however, this has become increasingly difficult with the number of agreements on the rise and the number of staff available to enforce declining.

Ottica AI has developed Facial Recognition Technology that allows for gambling venues to remain alert amidst the growing number of self-exclusion agreements. At-risk individuals are identified through the facial recognition surveillance system, alerting staff to ensure the individual is not allowed entry or removed from the venue. This technology is extremely effective in upholding self-exclusionary agreements and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the community, particularly at-risk individuals. This technology operates as the independent third party which ensures that both the at-risk individual and venue are upholding their agreement, allowing problem gamblers to gain control of their behavior.