Facial Recognition is a rapidly evolving technology, providing a way of identifying and confirming individuals’ identity through their physical appearance. These technologies can be used in a range of ways – photos, videos or real-time. The technology has commonly been used in areas of security and law enforcement; however, developments have seen this technology branch out into our lives for a range of uses and ways of enhancing our lives.


Ottica AI has been using the latest of technological advancements in computer vision and AI to produce a wide range of benefits in it’s ability and is able to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of many areas of life. Ottica AI  has developed facial recognition architecture from the ground up and has been implemented in gambling venues as a method of risk reduction, assisting in identifying at-risk individuals that struggle with gambling. The program provides an effective method of self-regulation, allowing individuals to have greater control over their decisions.

Facial Recognition has other security benefits, such as removing bias from stop and searches. The ability to single out justified suspects through this technology rather than by human process reduces the likelihood of bias against law-abiding members of the community. This technology also provides a greater convenience in the day-to-day, as the no-contact technology is constructed perfectly for living in a post-COVID world.

Ottica AI has successfully used Facial Recognition to be used effectively for marketing purposes and tailoring the customer experience to be suited to their needs. This technology can assist in improving retail and other shopping experiences, creating a crafted experience specifically for the consumer. Facial Recognition is especially beneficial in the retail industry to reduce the impacts of shoplifting – allowing for repeat offenders or banned customers to be identified with ease by employees and reduce stock loss.